Stop new brown coal projects in Victoria


As the world is trying to stop greenhouse pollution, the coal industry in Victoria has been talking about digging up 50 to 70 million tonnes of brown coal each year to process into new polluting coal products and export them around the world

That's a lot of coal. In fact, it’s as much as the 60 million tonnes of coal due to be dug up and exported every year from the huge Adani Carmichael mine in Queensland.

Imagine Carmichael and it's Abbot Point terminal right on our doorstep in the Latrobe Valley, Wilson Promontory’s Corner Inlet or Western Port Bay. You can see why we have to stop these export projects right now.

There is $75 million dollars of taxpayer money on the table in Victoria to get three projects up and running under the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program. The state government has just withdrawn $25million dollars from one, now we need your support today to help close the other two and put a stop to new brown coal.

Here's what we'll do with your gift: 

  • We’ll ramp up our campaign to make sure that tax payer funding is withdrawn from the remaining coal projects
  • We’ll pressure the Andrews and Turnbull Governments to rule out new coal in Victoria for good
  • We’ll push for a real transition plan for the Latrobe Valley – that’s where the $75 million should be going, not the pockets of coal companies.
  • And we’ll continue campaigning at state and national level for a new clean economy based on investing in renewables, not subsidising coal and fossil fuels.

Thank you for your support.

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