Donate now to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry fighting fund


The Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry hearings on mine rehabilitation start in early December.

As it stands, there’s little to ensure mine operators don’t just close the mine and let it fill up into a toxic lake.

Thankfully, Environment Victoria has 'leave to appear' at the Inquiry to represent concerned Victorians like you and over 40 environment groups throughout Victoria.

We are working right now on getting the best team we can in front of the Inquiry, but we urgently need your support to help fund our case - we don't have long to get the best outcome for the closure and clean up of Latrobe Valley mines, and whatever you can afford today will be an enormous help.  

With your gift today, we’ll be asking the Inquiry to:

  • Raise the rehabilitation bonds to cover the real costs of mine rehabilitation
  • Make sure communities in the Latrobe Valley are fully consulted and their views made central to the final rehabilitation plans
  • Set success criteria for rehabilitated mines that meet community expectations
  • Make sure there are clear standards that mine operators will be held accountable to
  • Focus on reducing the immediate fire risk, without sacrificing options for long-term rehabilitation – so the Latrobe Valley community is not left with an unusable wasteland.

With your help today, we'll have the best team at the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry. Thank you for your support.

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